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Opioid, antipsychotic and hypnotic use in end of life in long-term care facilities in six European countries: results of PACE

Opioids, antipsychotics and hypnotics are recommended for comfort care in dying. We studied their prescription during the last 3 days in residents deceased in the long-term care facility (LTCF).

European postgraduate curriculum in geriatric medicine developed using an international modified Delphi technique

the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS-GMS) recommendations for training in Geriatric Medicine were published in 1993. The practice of Geriatric Medicine has developed considerably since then and it has therefore become necessary to update these recommendations.

Outcome in a post‐cardiac surgery population with acute renal failure requiring dialysis: does age make a difference?

Background. Acute renal failure (ARF), requiring dialysis (ARF‐d), develops in 1–5% of patients undergoing cardiac surgery and is associated with higher in‐hospital mortality. Age is one of the known risk factors for the development of ARF. As the ageing population is increasing, the nephrologist will be faced with a large population of elderly patients requiring dialysis...

Relationship between periventricular or deep white matter lesions and arterial elasticity indices in very old people

Objective: to examine the relationship between the presence of cerebral white matter lesions and large and small artery elasticity indices in a population of healthy, very old subjects.