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Patterns and causes of hospital maternal mortality in Tanzania: A 10-year retrospective analysis

, Leonard E. G. Mboera. Data curation: Susan F. Rumisha. Formal analysis: Veneranda M. Bwana, Susan F. Rumisha. Funding acquisition: Leonard E. G. Mboera. Investigation: Veneranda M. Bwana, Susan F ... . Supervision: Susan F. Rumisha, Irene R. Mremi, Emanuel P. Lyimo. Validation: Susan F. Rumisha. Writing ? original draft: Veneranda M. Bwana, Susan F. Rumisha, Leonard E. G. Mboera. Writing ? review & editing

Accessibility, availability and utilisation of malaria interventions among women of reproductive age in Kilosa district in central Tanzania

Background Universal access to and utilization of malaria prevention measures is defined as every person at malaria risk sleeping under a quality insecticide-treated mosquito net (ITN) and every pregnant woman at risk receiving at least two doses of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP). This study aimed to determine factors affecting accessibility, availability and utilisation of...