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Unexplained variations in general practitioners’ perceptions and practices regarding vaccination in France

Given geographical disparities in vaccination coverage (VC) and the crucial role general practitioners (GPs) play in vaccination in France, we sought to: 1) determine the existence of geographical variations in GPs' perceptions of vaccines, their trust in information sources, and the frequency of their recommendations to patients by comparing data from southeast (SE), central...

Alcohol and cancer: risk perception and risk denial beliefs among the French general population

Worldwide, millions of deaths each year are attributed to alcohol. We sought to examine French people’s beliefs about the risks of alcohol, their correlates, and their associations with alcohol use.

Drug-specific quality indicators assessing outpatient antibiotic use among French general practitioners

Quality indicators assessing the use of antibiotics among general practitioners (GPs) would be useful to target antibiotic stewardship interventions. We adapted to an individual GP level a set of 12 drug-specific quality indicators of outpatient antibiotic use in Europe developed by the European surveillance of antimicrobial consumption project. We performed a cross-sectional...

Perceptions and attitudes of French general practitioners towards rapid antigen diagnostic tests in acute pharyngitis using a randomized case vignette study

This study had three objectives: (i) to assess the use of rapid antigen diagnostic tests (RADTs) and their impact on the antibiotic prescribing behaviour of general practitioners (GPs) for acute pharyngitis; (ii) to study the barriers to the use of RADTs; and (iii) to identify GPs' characteristics associated with non-compliance with French guidelines.

Is depression associated with health risk-related behaviour clusters in adults?

Background: Depressive disorders have been linked to health risk-related behaviours (HRBs) considered separately. Our objective was to study whether depression is associated with the co-occurrence of HRBs in adults. Methods: A sample of 17 355 subjects aged ≥18 years, derived from the 2002–03 cross-sectional Decennial Health Survey; probable depression was assessed with the CES-D...

The Medi-RIVAGE study: reduction of cardiovascular disease risk factors after a 3-mo intervention with a Mediterranean-type diet or a low-fat diet

Background: Epidemiologic studies link Mediterranean-type diets to a low incidence of cardiovascular disease; however, few dietary intervention studies have been undertaken, especially in primary prevention.