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Acceptable medication non-adherence: A crowdsourcing study among French physicians for commonly prescribed medications

distributing the study to their members. Conceptualization: Ste´phanie Sidorkiewicz, Viet-Thi Tran, Philippe Ravaud. Data curation: Ste´phanie Sidorkiewicz. Formal analysis: Ste´phanie Sidorkiewicz ... . Investigation: Ste´phanie Sidorkiewicz. Methodology: Ste´phanie Sidorkiewicz, Viet-Thi Tran. Validation: Ste´phanie Sidorkiewicz, Viet-Thi Tran, Philippe Ravaud. Writing – original draft: Ste´phanie

Frugal innovation in medicine for low resource settings

Whilst it is clear that technology is crucial to advance healthcare: innovation in medicine is not just about high-tech tools, new procedures or genome discoveries. In constrained environments, healthcare providers often create unexpected solutions to provide adequate healthcare to patients. These inexpensive but effective frugal innovations may be imperfect, but they have the...

Taxonomy of the burden of treatment: a multi-country web-based qualitative study of patients with chronic conditions

Background Management strategies for patients with chronic conditions are becoming increasingly complex, which may result in a burden of treatment for patients. To develop a Minimally Disruptive Medicine designed to reduce the burden of treatment, clinicians need to understand which healthcare tasks and aggravating factors may be responsible for this burden. The objective of the...

Adaptation and validation of the Treatment Burden Questionnaire (TBQ) in English using an internet platform

Background Treatment burden refers to the workload imposed by healthcare on patients, and the effect this has on quality of life. The Treatment Burden Questionnaire (TBQ) aims to assess treatment burden in different condition and treatment contexts. Here, we aimed to evaluate the validity and reliability of an English version of the TBQ, a scale that was originally developed in...

Development and description of measurement properties of an instrument to assess treatment burden among patients with multiple chronic conditions

Background Patients experience an increasing treatment burden related to everything they do to take care of their health: visits to the doctor, medical tests, treatment management and lifestyle changes. This treatment burden could affect treatment adherence, quality of life and outcomes. We aimed to develop and validate an instrument for measuring treatment burden for patients...