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The catabolism of 3,3’-thiodipropionic acid in Variovorax paradoxus strain TBEA6: A proteomic analysis

-CoA in 100 mM Tris/ Author Contributions Conceptualization: Viktoria Heine, Christina Meinert-Berning, Alexander Steinbu?chel. Data curation: Viktoria Heine, Christina Meinert-Berning, Janina Lu?ck ... , Birgit Voigt. Formal analysis: Viktoria Heine, Christina Meinert-Berning. Investigation: Viktoria Heine, Christina Meinert-Berning, Janina Lu?ck, Nadine Mikowsky. Methodology: Viktoria Heine, Christina

Proteomic analysis of organic sulfur compound utilisation in Advenella mimigardefordensis strain DPN7T

2-Mercaptosuccinate (MS) and 3,3´-ditiodipropionate (DTDP) were discussed as precursor substance for production of polythioesters (PTE). Therefore, degradation of MS and DTDP was investigated in Advenella mimigardefordensis strain DPN7T, applying differential proteomic analysis, gene deletion and enzyme assays. Protein extracts of cells cultivated with MS, DTDP or 3...