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Outcomes of patients admitted to intensive care units for acute manifestation of small-vessel vasculitis: a multicenter, retrospective study

Elisabeth Baux 0 1 2 Vincent Das 12 Nicolas Terzi 18 Patrice Talec 17 Pierre Asfar 17 Stephan Ehrmann 16 Guillaume Geri 15 Steven Grange 20 Nadia Anguel 19 Alexandre Demoule 14 Anne Sophie Moreau 10 Elie

Adverse neuropsychiatric effects of cytomegalovirus prophylaxis with valaciclovir in renal transplant recipients

Background. Valaciclovir (VACV) has been reported to induce adverse neuropsychiatric effects (ANE), especially in patients with renal failure, but few data are available for renal transplant recipients (RTR). Methods. We conducted a retrospective study in RTR given VACV as cytomegalovirus prophylaxis, from January 1999 to December 2000, to define the incidence rate, type and...

Clinical Features and Outcomes in Patients With Disseminated Toxoplasmosis Admitted to Intensive Care: A Multicenter Study

Background. Characteristics and outcomes of adult patients with disseminated toxoplasmosis admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) have rarely been described. Methods. We performed a retrospective study on consecutive adult patients with disseminated toxoplasmosis who were admitted from January 2002 through December 2012 to the ICUs of 14 university-affiliated hospitals in...

Diagnostic performance of fractional excretion of urea in the evaluation of critically ill patients with acute kidney injury: a multicenter cohort study

Introduction Several factors, including diuretic use and sepsis, interfere with the fractional excretion of sodium, which is used to distinguish transient from persistent acute kidney injury (AKI). These factors do not affect the fractional excretion of urea (FeUrea). However, there are conflicting data on the diagnostic accuracy of FeUrea. Methods We conducted an observational...

A thyrotoxicosis outbreak due to dietary pills in Paris

A thyrotoxicosis outbreak due to dietary pills in Paris Vincent Ioos1, Vincent Das1, Eric Maury1,2, Jean-Luc Baudel1, Jérôme Guéchot3, Bertrand Guidet1,2, Georges Offenstadt1,21Réanimation Médicale; 2Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris 6, INSERM, UMR-S 707; 3Unité d’Hormonologie, APHP, Hôpital Saint Antoine, F-75012, Paris, FranceAbstract: Three women were consecutively...

Impact of early enteral versus parenteral nutrition on mortality in patients requiring mechanical ventilation and catecholamines: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (NUTRIREA-2)

-Pierre Quenot Virginie Maxime Carole Schwebel Didier Thvenin Saad Nseir Erika Parmentier Ahmed El Kalioubie Merc Jourdain Vronique Leray Nathalie Rolin Frdric Bellec Vincent Das Frdrique Ganster Christophe