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On the Boundedness Problem for Higher-Order Pushdown Vector Addition Systems

Karp and Miller's algorithm is a well-known decision procedure that solves the termination and boundedness problems for vector addition systems with states (VASS), or equivalently Petri nets. This procedure was later extended to a general class of models, well-structured transition systems, and, more recently, to pushdown VASS. In this paper, we extend pushdown VASS to higher...

Origin-Equivalence of Two-Way Word Transducers Is in PSPACE

, France 2 Vincent Penelle LaBRI, University of Bordeaux , France 3 Anca Muscholl LaBRI, University of Bordeaux , France We consider equivalence and containment problems for word transductions. These ... origin information . In ICALP'14, LNCS , pages 26 - 37 . Springer , 2014 . Mikolaj Boja?czyk , Laure Daviaud, Bruno Guillon, and Vincent Penelle . Which Classes of Origin Graphs Are Generated by

Rewriting Higher-Order Stack Trees

Higher-order pushdown systems and ground tree rewriting systems can be seen as extensions of suffix word rewriting systems. Both classes generate infinite graphs with interesting logical properties. Indeed, the model-checking problem for monadic second order logic (respectively first order logic with a reachability predicate) is decidable on such graphs. We unify both models by...