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The Saleema initiative in Sudan to abandon female genital mutilation: Outcomes and dose response effects

Contributions Conceptualization: W. Douglas Evans, Samira Ahmed Elamin. Data curation: Jeremy Snider. Formal analysis: W. Douglas Evans, Jeremy Snider. Funding acquisition: W. Douglas Evans. Investigation: W ... . Douglas Evans, Nafisa Bedri, Tibyaan A. Elhussein. Methodology: W. Douglas Evans. Project administration: W. Douglas Evans, Nafisa Bedri, Tibyaan A. Elhussein. Supervision: W. Douglas Evans, Cody Donahue

Brand equity and willingness to pay for condoms in zimbabwe

Background Zimbabwe suffers from one of the greatest burdens of HIV/AIDS in the world that has been compounded by social and economic instability in the past decade. However, from 2001 to 2009 HIV prevalence among 15-49 year olds declined from 26% to approximately 14%. Behavior change and condom use may in part explain this decline. PSI-Zimbabwe socially markets the Protector...

Evaluation of Sexual Communication Message Strategies

Parent-child communication about sex is an important proximal reproductive health outcome. But while campaigns to promote it such as the Parents Speak Up National Campaign (PSUNC) have been effective, little is known about how messages influence parental cognitions and behavior. This study examines which message features explain responses to sexual communication messages. We...

Impact of a parent-child sexual communication campaign: results from a controlled efficacy trial of parents

Background Prior research supports the notion that parents have the ability to influence their children's decisions regarding sexual behavior. Yet parent-based approaches to curbing teen pregnancy and STDs have been relatively unexplored. The Parents Speak Up National Campaign (PSUNC) is a multimedia campaign that attempts to fill this void by targeting parents of teens to...