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Microstructure of undercooled Pb-Sn alloys

Melt undercooling opens new solidification pathways for non-equilibrium phases and non-conventional microstructures. Several techniques, including the fluxing technique, have been developed in order to reduce nucleation sites and to produce high undercoolings for metals and alloys. In this work the fluxing technique was applied to Pb-25wt%Sn (hypoeutectic), Pb-61.9wt%Sn (eutectic...

Effect of Heat Treatments on the Thermomechanical Behaviour of Ni-Ti Superelastic Mini Coil Springs

Carlos José de Araujo 0 Walman Benício de Castro 0 Multidisciplinary Lab. of Active Materials and Structures, Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Campina Grande , 882 Rua Aprigio Veloso

Avaliação das propriedades mecânicas de juntas cerâmicas usando fitas amorfas como metal de adição

This work had as objective to establish de best brazing parameter to joint Al2O3 pre-metalized with Ti by plasma process using amorphous ribbons of Cu49g45Cex alloys as filler metals. The alloys were prepared in arc furnace and processed by melt-spinning process varying the Ce percentiles from 4 to 6. % . The brazing was accomplished in vacuum furnace and the following variables...