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Multicultural Education Based On Local Education In Elementary School

Hengki Dwi Julianto Waspodo Tjipto Subroto e-mail: T he purpose of this study is to describe multicultural education based on local wisdom in elementary schools. T he type of research used is descriptive

Easy Econometrics by Student Worksheet

Tjipto Subroto Students have difficulty in understanding Econometrics. Based on existing problems, needed a learning materials in the form of Worksheets based on Practice which is capable of supporting

Influences of Intellectual Property and Capital to the Performance of the Corporate Image Award Winning Companies in Indonesia

Hariyati 0 Waspodo Tjipto Subroto 0 Sofa Nur Ihtiari Wahyudi 0 Yatim Riyanto 0 Universitas Negeri Surabaya , Indonesia The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship and influence of

Income Disparity in Gerbangkertosusila Area of East Java Indonesia

Based on the contribution of each of the cities in the region Gerbangkertosusila shows a striking difference between one and the other regions. Poverty and unequal income per capita differences also lead to the inequality in Gerbangketosusila. If in the gross inequality Gerbangkertosusila happen then it will affect the economy in the province of East Java in general and the...

Competition Intensity, Uncertainty Environmental on the use of Information Technology and its Impact on Business Performance Small and Medium Enterprises

Medium Enterprises Chamdan Purnama 0 Waspodo Tjipto Subroto 1 0 School of Economics , Al-Anwar Mojokerto , Indonesia 1 Faculty of Economic , Universitas Negeri Surabaya , Indonesia In the business world

Revitalization of Pancasila Economic System in the Globalization Era

Implementation of the policy will effect the economic system of economic growth and prosperity of a nation. Follow the globalization of economic liberalization is detrimental to most of the people of Indonesia for the door wide open to free competition so it is very unfortunate that the developed countries are relatively better equipped to compete because it is supported by...

Creative Thinking Development to Foster Economic Creative: Evidence of State University of Surabaya

Development skill of creative thinking is very urgent to foster economic creative in economic education. Economic education the needs of problem base learning with scientific approach to foster economic creative and thinking skill of students in faculty of economic. The purposes of these studies were: (a) development thinking skill to foster economic creative of students, (b...

Fiscal Decentralization Policy in Promoting Indonesia Human Development

Goal of this research is promoting human development in Indonesia through fiscal decentralization. In general, funds decentralization, economic growth, public expenditure, and a decline in total poor population in the autonomous region provide significant positive effect on human development index, thus increasing decentralization funds as balance grants to autonomous regions can...