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Flexible, transparent nanocellulose paper-based perovskite solar cells

journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Hai-Dong Yu in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Wei Huang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Contributions ... . wrote the paper. L.G. and L.C. contribute equally to the work. Competing interests The authors declare no competing interests. Corresponding authors Correspondence to Yonghua Chen or Hai-Dong Yu or Wei

Prevalence of stress and its determinants among residents enrolled in China Standardized Training Program for Resident Doctor (C-STRD) program: A cross-sectional study

and coordinators greatly for their time and effort. Author Contributions Investigation: Yan-Jun Guan, Da-Wei Dai, Wei Huang, Zhen-Yu Huang. Methodology: Yan-Jun Guan, Da-Wei Dai, Wei Huang, Zhen-Yu ... draft: Ying Jiang, Yan-Jun Guan, Zhen-Yu Huang. Writing ? review & editing: Ying Jiang, Yan-Jun Guan, Da-Wei Dai, Wei Huang, Zhen-Yu Huang. 10 / 12 16. 11 / 12 the first 2 years at a UK medical school

Sirt3 enhances glioma cell viability by stabilizing Ku70–BAX interaction

Sirt3 enhances glioma cell viability by stabilizing Ku70-BAX interaction Ke Luo,* Wei Huang,* Shuang Tang Department of Neurosurgery, Suining Central Hospital, Suining, Sichuan, China *These authors

Temperature-Dependent HfO2/Si Interface Structural Evolution and its Mechanism

In this work, hafnium oxide (HfO2) thin films are deposited on p-type Si substrates by remote plasma atomic layer deposition on p-type Si at 250 °C, followed by a rapid thermal annealing in nitrogen. Effect of post-annealing temperature on the crystallization of HfO2 films and HfO2/Si interfaces is investigated. The crystallization of the HfO2 films and HfO2/Si interface is...

Superconformal models for graphene and boundary central charges

Abstract In the context of boundary conformal field theory, we investigate whether the boundary trace anomaly can depend on marginal directions in the presence of supersymmetry. Recently, it was found that a graphene-like non-supersymmetric conformal field theory with a four-dimensional bulk photon and a three-dimensional boundary electron has two boundary central charges that...

Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 infection among men who have sex with men in Taiwan from 2013 to 2015

Wang, Jyh-Yuan Yang. Formal analysis: Wei-You Li, Marcelo Chen, Szu-Wei Huang, I-An Jen. Funding acquisition: Yen-Hsu Chen. Investigation: Wei-You Li, Marcelo Chen, Sheng-Fan Wang. Methodology: Wei-You ... Li, Szu-Wei Huang, I-An Jen, Jyh-Yuan Yang. Project administration: Yen-Hsu Chen. Resources: Jyh-Yuan Yang, Yi-Ming Arthur Chen. Software: Wei-You Li. Supervision: I-An Jen, Yen-Hsu Chen, Yi-Ming

Clonal analysis of HIV-1 genotype and function associated with virologic failure in treatment-experienced persons receiving maraviroc: Results from the MOTIVATE phase 3 randomized, placebo-controlled trials

. Robertson. Investigation: Marilyn Lewis, Julie Mori, Jonathan Toma, Mike Mosley, Wei Huang, Paul Simpson, Elna van der Ryst, Jeannette M. Whitcomb, Mike Westby. Methodology: Marilyn Lewis, Julie Mori ... , Jonathan Toma, Mike Mosley, Wei Huang, Paul Simpson, David L. Robertson, Jeannette M. Whitcomb, Mike Westby. Project administration: Mike Westby. Software: Marilyn Lewis, Paul Simpson, David L. Robertson

Multiuser precoding scheme and achievable rate analysis for massive MIMO system

We analyze the downlink multiuser precoding of massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system, where the base station (BS) has ideal channel state information (CSI) and adopts three types of different linear precoding schemes, i.e., maximum ratio transmission (MRT), zero-forcing (ZF), and minimum mean squared error (MMSE). Under a Rayleigh fading channel, we attain the...

Improvement of Adequate Digoxin Dosage: An Application of Machine Learning Approach

6Department of Psychiatry, Chiayi Branch, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Chiayi, Taiwan Correspondence should be addressed to Min-Wei Huang; moc.liamg@61gnauh.iewgnim Received 1 March 2018; Revised 15

Three dimensional carbon substrate materials for electrolysis of water

Advanced Materials (IAM), Nanjing Tech University under the supervision of Prof. Wei Huang and Prof. Xiaochen Dong. His research focuses on design and synthesis of nanomaterials for electrochemical water ... nanomaterials for bio-optoelectronics, energy conversion and storage. Wei Huang received his PhD degree from Peking University in 1992. In 1993, he started his postdoctoral research at National University of

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with short-acting inhaled pharmacotherapy increases the risk of prostate cancer: A two-stage database approach

, Shih-Wei Huang. Data curation: Hung-Chou Chen, Shih-Wei Huang. Formal analysis: Li-Fong Lin. Investigation: Li-Fong Lin, Shih-Wei Huang. 15 / 18 Methodology: Hui-Wen Lin, Li-Fong Lin, Hung-Chou Chen ... , Tsan-Hon Liou, Shih-Wei Huang. Project administration: Tsan-Hon Liou. Resources: Hui-Wen Lin. Supervision: Hui-Wen Lin, Hung-Chou Chen. Validation: Hui-Wen Lin, Tsan-Hon Liou, Shih-Wei Huang

Δ3,2-Hydroxybakuchiol Attenuates Depression in Multiple Rodent Models Possibly by Inhibition of Monoamine Transporters in Brain

Huang and Gang Zhao. Analysis and interpretation were performed by Wei Huang, Jia-liang Hu, and Gang Zhao. Literature search and writing of the manuscript were performed by Gang Zhao. Critical review was ... Guo are responsible for idea proposal and experimental design. Experimental conduct, proper supervision, resource management, material purchase, and data collection and processing were performed by Wei

De novo characterization of the Baphicacanthus cusia(Nees) Bremek transcriptome and analysis of candidate genes involved in indican biosynthesis and metabolism

) for technical assistance with the RNA sequencing and data analysis. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Shuju Ning, Daozhi Wei. Data curation: Wei Huang, Xiaohua Wang. Funding acquisition: Daozhi ... Wei. Investigation: Wenjin Lin. Methodology: Qi Ye. Resources: Wenjin Lin. Supervision: Shuju Ning. Project administration: Shuju Ning, Daozhi Wei. Validation: Wei Huang, Xiaohua Wang, Qi Ye

Population based hospitalization burden of laboratory-confirmed hand, foot and mouth disease caused by multiple enterovirus serotypes in Southern China

. Investigation: Qiaohong Liao, Yonghong Zhou, Shixiong Hu, Qi Chen, Kaiwei Luo, Zhenhua Chen, Li Luo, Wei Huang, Bingbing Dai, Min He, Fengfeng Liu, Qi Qiu, Lingshuang Ren. Writing – review & editing: Qiaohong

Experimental and Theoretical Studies on the Creep Behavior of Bayer Red Mud

Long-term stability and safety of the Bayer red mud (BRM) disposal field is very important for the local residents’ life, which necessitates the knowledge of its creep behavior. In order to investigate the creep behavior of BRM, a series of triaxial drained creep tests were conducted by using an improved triaxial creep apparatus. The results indicate that the creep behavior of...

Identification of target genes in cardiomyopathy with fibrosis and cardiac remodeling

Identify genes probably associated with chronic heart failure and predict potential target genes for dilated cardiomyopathy using bioinformatics analyses. Gene expression profiles (series number GSE3585 and GSE42955) of cardiomyopathy patients and healthy controls were downloaded from the Expression Omnibus Gene (GEO) database. Differential expression of genes (DEGS) between the...