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A constitutive model for granular materials with evolving contact structure and contact forces—Part I: framework

This and the companion paper present a constitutive model for granular materials with evolving contact structure and contact forces, where the contact structure and contact forces are characterised by some statistics of grain-scale entities such as contact normals and contact forces. And these statistics are actually the “fabric” or “force” terms in the “stress–force–fabric” (SFF...

Controllable Optical Bistability and Four-Wave Mixing in a Photonic-Molecule Optomechanics

We theoretically investigate the nonlinear optical phenomena including optical bistability and four-wave mixing (FWM) process in a composite photonic-molecule cavity optomechanical system. The photonic-molecule cavity consisted of two whispering gallery mode (WGM) microcavities, where one WGM cavity is an optomechanical cavity with high-cavity dissipation κ and the other WGM...

Mid-arm muscle circumference: A significant factor of all-cause and cancer mortalities in individuals with elevated platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio

the change in the influence of MAMC on mortality in individuals with high PLR. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Pi-Kai Chang, Li-Wei Wu. Data curation: Pi-Kai Chang. Formal analysis: Pi-Kai ... Chang. Investigation: Wei-Liang Chen. Methodology: Wei-Liang Chen. Project administration: Pi-Kai Chang, Li-Wei Wu. Resources: Pi-Kai Chang, Li-Wei Wu. Software: Wei-Liang Chen, Li-Wei Wu. 9 / 11

An Integrated Evaluation Model of Teaching and Learning

Knowledge transmission and knowledge construction are two common approaches adopted for teaching and learning in higher education. Applying the two different approaches, this paper developed an evaluation model of teaching and learning, which comprises three main conceptual blocks: teaching, learning and learning assistance. A quantitative survey was utilised, collecting data...

Trends of reported human brucellosis cases in mainland China from 2007 to 2017: an exponential smoothing time series analysis

BackgroundThe main objective of this study was to describe the temporal distribution of monthly reported human brucellosis cases in mainland China and develop an appropriate time series model for short-term extrapolation forecast.MethodsSurveillance data of the monthly reported human brucellosis cases occurring from April 1, 2007, to March 31, 2017, in mainland China were...

Toward Green Sensor Field by Optimizing Power Efficiency Using D-Policy M/G/1 Queuing Systems

served as journal reviewer of the Computer Journal, Ad Hoc Networks and the International Journal of Communication Systems. Hsiang-Wei Wu received a B.S. degree from the Department of Electronic

The effect of clinical-grade retinal pigment epithelium derived from human embryonic stem cells using different transplantation strategies

2019 110 Downloads Lei Wang, Wei Wu and Qi Gu have contributed equally to this work. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article ( ... ., J.H.F. and W.J.L. performed the research. L.W., W.W., J.W., Y.Z., L.W., H.W.X., W.L. and B.Y.H. analyzed the data. L.W., W.W. and Q.G. wrote the paper. Lei Wang, Wei Wu, Qi Gu, Zengping Liu, Qiyou Li

Autophagy regulates vinorelbine sensitivity due to continued Keap1-mediated ROS generation in lung adenocarcinoma cells

, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, TaiwanWu-Chou Su & Wei-Hsin Chiu AuthorsSearch for Yan-Wei Wu in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Chiou-Feng Lin in:Nature Research

FTS and FTB of Conformable Fractional Order Linear Systems

In this paper, an extension of some existing results related to finite-time stability (FTS) and finite-time boundedness (FTB) into the conformable fractional derivative is presented. Illustrative example is presented at the end of the paper to show the effectiveness of the proposed result.

Modulation of motor excitability by cortical optogenetic theta burst stimulation

production. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Chun-Wei Wu, Wen-Tai Chiu, Tsung-Hsun Hsieh, Jia-Jin Jason Chen. Data curation: Chun-Wei Wu, Cho-Han Hsieh. Formal analysis: Chun-Wei Wu, Cho-Han Hsieh ... . Funding acquisition: Jia-Jin Jason Chen. Investigation: Chun-Wei Wu, Cho-Han Hsieh. Methodology: Chun-Wei Wu, Wen-Tai Chiu, Tsung-Hsun Hsieh. Project administration: Jia-Jin Jason Chen. Resources: Wen

Replacement of fish oil with palm oil: Effects on growth performance, innate immune response, antioxidant capacity and disease resistance in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

support for this study. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Christian Larbi Ayisi, Jinliang Zhao. Data curation: Christian Larbi Ayisi, Jun-Wei Wu. Formal analysis: Christian Larbi Ayisi ... . Methodology: Christian Larbi Ayisi, Jun-Wei Wu. Software: Christian Larbi Ayisi. Validation: Jinliang Zhao. Writing ± original draft: Christian Larbi Ayisi. Writing ± review & editing: Christian Larbi Ayisi

Dietary sodium butyrate improves intestinal development and function by modulating the microbial community in broilers

Zhang. Data curation: Wei Wu, Zhibin Xiao. 17 / 21 Formal analysis: Wei Wu, Wenyi An, Yuanyang Dong. Investigation: Wei Wu, Zhibin Xiao, Wenyi An. Methodology: Bingkun Zhang. Project administration ... : Bingkun Zhang. Resources: Bingkun Zhang. Software: Yuanyang Dong. Supervision: Bingkun Zhang. Validation: Bingkun Zhang. Writing ? original draft: Wei Wu. Writing ? review & editing: Wei Wu, Bingkun

Dual upconversion nanophotoswitch for security encoding

 Li (李梦晓)Huanjun Wang (王焕军)Pan Zeng (曾盼)Li Liu (刘力)He Zheng (郑赫)Wei Wu (吴伟) Articles First Online: 04 September 2018 Received: 12 June 2018 Accepted: 13 August 2018 1 Shares 7 ... received her BSc in 2015 from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University. She is currently pursuing a PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Wei Wu in the School of Printing and Packaging at Wuhan University

Cryo-EM structure of L-fucokinase/GDP-fucose pyrophosphorylase (FKP) in Bacteroides fragilis

. Wang and J.-W. Wu supervised the experiments and analyzed the data; Y. Liu and L. Sun wrote the paper. Ying Liu, Huifang Hu, Jia Wang, Qiang Zhou, Peng Wu, Nieng Yan, Hong-Wei Wang, Jia-Wei Wu, Linfeng

Relationship between high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T and the prognosis of elderly inpatients with non-acute coronary syndromes

Relationship between high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T and the prognosis of elderly inpatients with non-acute coronary syndromes Wei Wu,1 Dong-Xia Li,1 Qing Wang,2 Ying Xu,2 Yun-Jing Cui2 1General

Dendrimer-based NPs in cancer chemotherapy and genetherapy

This review discusses recent studies on dendrimer- based nanoparticles in cancer chemotherapy and genetherapy. In order to achieve the high efficacy and low side effects of chemotherapy and genetherapy, it is essential to combine the unique features of dendrimers and the specific tumor microenvironment to target delivery and control release of therapeutic agents to tumor tissues...

Tunable multiband directional electromagnetic scattering from spoof Mie resonant structure

We demonstrate that directional electromagnetic scattering can be realized in an artificial Mie resonant structure that supports electric and magnetic dipole modes simultaneously. The directivity of the far-field radiation pattern can be switched by changing wavelength of the incident light as well as tailoring the geometric parameters of the structure. In addition, we further...