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Ultrahigh-speed violet laser diode based free-space optical communication beyond 25 Gbit/s

, Taipei, 10617, Taiwan, Republic of ChinaWei-Chun Wang, Huai-Yung Wang & Gong-Ru Lin AuthorsSearch for Wei-Chun Wang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Huai-Yung Wang

Familiarity is related to conceptual implicit memory: An examination of individual differences

Wei-chun Wang 0 Andrew P. Yonelinas 0 0 A. P. Yonelinas Center for Mind and Brain, University of California , Davis, Davis, CA, USA Explicit memory is thought to be distinct from implicit memory ... Research Fellowship.. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Wei-chun Wang. In general, we have found that recollection and familiarity estimates are not correlated across participants