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Identification and characterization of phosphodiesterases that specifically degrade 3′3′-cyclic GMP-AMP

Cyclic dinucleotides act as intracellular second messengers, modulating a variety of cellular activities including innate immune activation. Although phosphodiesterases (PDEs) hydrolyzing c-di-GMP and c-di-AMP have been identified, no PDEs for cGAMPs have been reported. Here we identified the first three cGAMP-specific PDEs in V. cholerae (herein designated as V-cGAP1/2/3). V...

Sequence polymorphisms of rfbT among the Vibrio cholerae O1 strains in the Ogawa and Inaba serotype shifts

Background Vibrio cholerae serogroup O1 has two major serotypes, Ogawa and Inaba, which may alternate among cholera epidemics. The rfbT gene is responsible for the conversion between the two serotypes. In this study, we surveyed the sequence variance of rfbT in the Ogawa and Inaba strains in China over a 48-year (1961-2008) period in which serotype shifts occurred among epidemic...

Pan-Genomic Analysis Provides Insights into the Genomic Variation and Evolution of Salmonella Paratyphi A

Salmonella Paratyphi A (S. Paratyphi A) is a highly adapted, human-specific pathogen that causes paratyphoid fever. Cases of paratyphoid fever have recently been increasing, and the disease is becoming a major public health concern, especially in Eastern and Southern Asia. To investigate the genomic variation and evolution of S. Paratyphi A, a pan-genomic analysis was performed...