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Multiuser precoding scheme and achievable rate analysis for massive MIMO system

We analyze the downlink multiuser precoding of massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system, where the base station (BS) has ideal channel state information (CSI) and adopts three types of different linear precoding schemes, i.e., maximum ratio transmission (MRT), zero-forcing (ZF), and minimum mean squared error (MMSE). Under a Rayleigh fading channel, we attain the...

Spectral efficiency of multi-user millimeter wave systems under single path with uniform rectangular arrays

In this paper, we investigate the downlink achievable ergodic spectral efficiency (SE) of a single-cell multi-user millimeter wave system, in which a uniform rectangular array is used at the base station (BS) to serve multiple single-antenna users. We adopt a three-dimensional channel model by considering both the azimuth and elevation dimensions under single-path propagation. We...