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Preparation of a Composite Material AC/Cu-BTC with Improved Water Stability and n-Hexane Vapor Adsorption

, China 3Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Process Enhancement and New Energy Equipment Technology, Nanjing Tech University, Nanjing 211816, China Correspondence should be addressed to Weiqiu Huang; nc.ude.uzcc ... application to the Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Technology, Changzhou University, Changzhou 213164, China, where they can contact Professor Weiqiu Huang (). (2) All the data

Graphene-Assisted Thermal Interface Materials with a Satisfied Interface Contact Level Between the Matrix and Fillers

Reduced graphene oxide (RGO) and three-dimensional graphene networks (3DGNs) are adopted to improve the performance of thermal interface materials (TIMs). Therein, the 3DGNs provide a fast transport network for phonons, while the RGO plays as a bridge to enhance the phonon transport ability at the interface between the filler and matrix. The types of surface functional groups of...

RGO and Three-Dimensional Graphene Networks Co-modified TIMs with High Performances

With the development of microelectronic devices, the insufficient heat dissipation ability becomes one of the major bottlenecks for further miniaturization. Although graphene-assisted epoxy resin (ER) display promising potential to enhance the thermal performances, some limitations of the reduced graphene oxide (RGO) nanosheets and three-dimensional graphene networks (3DGNs...

High Photocatalytic Performance of Two Types of Graphene Modified TiO2 Composite Photocatalysts

High quality and naturally continuous structure of three-dimensional graphene network (3DGN) endow it a promising candidate to modify TiO2. Although the resulting composite photocatalysts display outstanding performances, the lacking of active sites of the 3DGN not only goes against a close contact between the graphene basal plane and TiO2 nanoparticles (weaken electron transport...