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Multiuser precoding scheme and achievable rate analysis for massive MIMO system

We analyze the downlink multiuser precoding of massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system, where the base station (BS) has ideal channel state information (CSI) and adopts three types of different linear precoding schemes, i.e., maximum ratio transmission (MRT), zero-forcing (ZF), and minimum mean squared error (MMSE). Under a Rayleigh fading channel, we attain the...

The genetic diversity of soil bacteria affected by phytoremediation in a typical barren rare earth mined site of South China

The soil bacterial diversity is one of the most important indicators to evaluate the effect of phytoremediation. In this study, the technologies of Sequence-Related Amplified Polymorphism (SRAP) and 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis were used to evaluate the soil bacterial diversity after phytoremediation in a barren rare earth mined area. The results showed that the plant density...

Application of Stabilized Nanoparticles for In Situ Remediation of Metal-Contaminated Soil and Groundwater: a Critical Review

. Stabilized nanoparticle; Metal; Immobilization; Adsorption; Soil; Groundwater - Remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with toxic metals has been a major environmental challenge for decades. Wen ... Liu, Shuting Tian and Xiao Zhao contributed equally to this work. Introduction Among the top-listed metals are lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), chromium (Cr), arsenic (As), and a host of the

Water Quantity and Quality of Six Lakes in the Arid Xinjiang Region, NW China

Xinjiang arid region is situated in the hinterland of Asia, characterized by very low precipitation and high evaporation. Most lakes in the region have evolved naturally to salt lakes and lagoons over the long term. In recent decades, driven by continuous climate warming and human activities, the water quantity and quality of lakes have fluctuated frequently, which has had...

Audio Watermarking through Deterministic plus Stochastic Signal Decomposition

rate, 16-bit PCM) from Yi-Wen Liu?s own collection of CDs. Brief description of the music can be found in Table 1. The F-QIM step size is 12 cents above 500 Hz, the same for all files. The attempted