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Mechanism of action of the flippase Drs2p in modulating GTP hydrolysis of Arl1p

Small GTPase ADP-ribosylation factors (ARFs) are key regulators of membrane trafficking and their activities are determined by guanine-nucleotide-binding status. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Arl1p, an ARF-like protein, is responsible for multiple trafficking pathways at the Golgi. The GTP-hydrolysis activity of Arl1p is stimulated by its GTPase-activating protein Gcs1p, and...

Arl1p is involved in transport of the GPI-anchored protein Gas1p from the late Golgi to the plasma membrane

Ya-Wen Liu 0 Szu-Wei Lee 0 Fang-Jen S. Lee 0 0 Institute of Molecular Medicine, School of Medicine, National Taiwan University, and Department of Medical Research, National Taiwan University Hospital

Direct interaction of C/EBPδ and Sp1 at the GC-enriched promoter region synergizes the IL-10 gene transcription in mouse macrophage

We previously reported that LPS activates the transcription of the IL-10 gene through the Sp1 and C/EBP binding sites and indicated that Sp1, C/EBPβ and C/EBPδ can coactivate the IL-10 gene expression in mouse macrophage cells [Liu Y.-W., Tseng H.-P., Chen L.-C., Chen B.-K., Chang W.-C. J. Immunol. 171: 821–828, 2003]. In the present report, we demonstrated the direct physical...

Loss of apical monocilia on collecting duct principal cells impairs ATP secretion across the apical cell surface and ATP-dependent and flow-induced calcium signals

Michael B. Hovater Dragos Olteanu Elizabeth L. Hanson Nai-Lin Cheng Brian Siroky Attila Fintha Peter Komlosi Wen Liu Lisa M. Satlin P. Darwin Bell Bradley K. Yoder Erik M. Schwiebert 0 ) Departments