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Identification of differentially expressed genes in clear cell renal cell carcinoma by analysis of full-length enriched cDNA library

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the most common malignancy in adult kidney, and accounts for 3% of malignancies worldwide with increasing incidence. Clear cell RCC (ccRCC) is the major type in RCC. Resection by surgery is the main treatment because the response of ccRCC to traditional therapies is very poor. To identify the tumor-associated genes for better understanding the...

Use of flow cytometry for determination of growth rates of germinal tissue from Echinococcus multilocularis and E. vogeli

A method to determine the cell cycle and growth rate of germinal tissue from Echinococcus multilocularis and E. vogeli using flow cytometry is described. In particular, the technique involves the use of either a mercury arc-lamp or laser-equipped system, depending on the general availability of the instruments. Of 5 DNA fluorescent stains tested, only a mixture of ethidium...

DRTF: a database of rice transcription factors

Summary: DRTF contains 2025 putative transcription factors (TFs) in Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica and 2384 in ssp. japonica, distributed in 63 families, identified by computational prediction and manual curation. It includes detailed annotations of each TF including sequence features, functional domains, Gene Ontology assignment, chromosomal localization, EST and microarray...

Statistical inference of chromosomal homology based on gene colinearity and applications to Arabidopsis and rice

Background The identification of chromosomal homology will shed light on such mysteries of genome evolution as DNA duplication, rearrangement and loss. Several approaches have been developed to detect chromosomal homology based on gene synteny or colinearity. However, the previously reported implementations lack statistical inferences which are essential to reveal actual...

The Study of Aortic Stiffness in Different Hypertension Subtypes in Dialysis Patients

The aim of this study was to validate whether differences in aortic stiffness are responsible for the differences in cardiovascular mortality among hypertension subtypes. Twenty hundred and fifty continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients were included in the present study. They were classified into four groups: normotensives (n=92) with systolic blood pressure (SBP) <140...

Autophagy-related gene 7 is downstream of heat shock protein 27 in the regulation of eye morphology, polyglutamine toxicity, and lifespan in Drosophila

Background Autophagy and molecular chaperones both regulate protein homeostasis and maintain important physiological functions. Atg7 (autophagy-related gene 7) and Hsp27 (heat shock protein 27) are involved in the regulation of neurodegeneration and aging. However, the genetic connection between Atg7 and Hsp27 is not known. Methods The appearances of the fly eyes from the...

Stepwise increase in the prevalence of isolated systolic hypertension with the stages of chronic kidney disease

Background. Hypertension is common in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), and isolated systolic hypertension (ISH) accounts for most patients with inadequate blood pressure (BP) control. However, it remains unclear whether the prevalence of ISH would increase with the advancement of CKD. Methods. CKD patients of stages 3, 4 and 5 were recruited (n = 324). Based on office...

Effects of a Chinese Herbal Medicine, Guan-Jen-Huang (Aeginetia indica Linn.), on Renal Cancer Cell Growth and Metastasis

 Ching-Kuei Chen,1 Sai-Wen Tang,1 Hsuan-Yuan Lin,1 and Jung-Yaw Lin1 1Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei 100, Taiwan 2Department of

Effects of a Chinese Herbal Medicine, Guan-Jen-Huang (Aeginetia indica Linn.), on Renal Cancer Cell Growth and Metastasis

 Ching-Kuei Chen,1 Sai-Wen Tang,1 Hsuan-Yuan Lin,1 and Jung-Yaw Lin1 1Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taipei 100, Taiwan 2Department of

End-stage kidney disease due to haemolytic uraemic syndrome – outcomes in 241 consecutive ANZDATA registry cases

, surgeons, database managers, nurses, renal operators, and patients) in providing information for and maintaining the ANZDATA Registry database. Wen Tang was supported by grants from National Natural Science

Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase induces cellular invasion through activating matrix metalloproteinase-2 expression in clear cell renal cell carcinoma cells

Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT) was recently identified as one clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC)-associated gene by analyzing full-length complementary DNA-enriched libraries of ccRCC tissues. The aim of this study is to investigate the potential role of NNMT in cellular invasion. A strong NNMT expression is accompanied with a high invasive activity in ccRCC cell...

Aqueous Extract of Paeonia suffruticosa Inhibits Migration and Metastasis of Renal Cell Carcinoma Cells via Suppressing VEGFR-3 Pathway

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) cells are characterized by strong drug resistance and high metastatic incidence. In this study, the effects of ten kinds of Chinese herbs on RCC cell migration and proliferation were examined. Aqueous extract of Paeonia suffruticosa (PS-A) exerted strong inhibitory effects on cancer cell migration, mobility, and invasion. The results of mouse xenograft...

End-stage renal failure due to amyloidosis: outcomes in 490 ANZDATA registry cases

Background There are few reports regarding the long-term renal replacement therapy (RRT) outcomes of amyloidosis.

Nucleic acid assay system for tier II laboratories and moderately complex clinics to detect HIV in low-resource settings

There is a clear need for an instrument-free molecular diagnostic system for detecting human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) RNA or DNA that can be used in developing countries. Such a test could be used for early diagnosis of HIV-1 infection during infancy and could serve as a surrogate end point for vaccine trials. We developed the IsoAmp HIV-1 assay (BioHelix Corporation...

Wip1 and p53 contribute to HTLV-1 Tax-induced tumorigenesis

Background Human T-cell Leukemia Virus type 1 (HTLV-1) infects 20 million individuals world-wide and causes Adult T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma (ATLL), a highly aggressive T-cell cancer. ATLL is refractory to treatment with conventional chemotherapy and fewer than 10% of afflicted individuals survive more than 5 years after diagnosis. HTLV-1 encodes a viral oncoprotein, Tax, that...

Tregs Promote the Differentiation of Th17 Cells in Silica-Induced Lung Fibrosis in Mice

Background Silicosis is an occupational lung disease caused by inhalation of silica dust and characterized by lung inflammation and fibrosis. Previous study showed that Tregs regulate the process of silicosis by modulating the maintenance of immune homeostasis in the lung. Th17 cells share reciprocal developmental pathway with Tregs and play a pivotal role in the...

End-stage kidney disease due to Alport syndrome: outcomes in 296 consecutive Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry cases

Background Alport syndrome is a rare inheritable renal disease. Clinical outcomes for patients progressing to end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) are not well described.

A Forward Authentication Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

Hao-Wen Tang 0 Damien Sauveron 0 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Chung Hsing University , Taichung 402 , Taiwan Key encryption technology is a basic technique for protecting

Meta-Analysis of Associations of IL1 Receptor Antagonist and Estrogen Receptor Gene Polymorphisms with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Susceptibility

/materials/analysis tools: X. Xue ZGW Shao-wen Tang Jie Wang. Wrote the paper: LC JWZ Shai-di Tang. 1. Tsokos GC ( 2011 ) Systemic lupus erythematosus . N Engl J Med 365 : 2110 - 2121 . 2. D'Cruz DP

The Feasibility of Using CT-Guided ROI for Semiquantifying Striatal Dopamine Transporter Availability in a Hybrid SPECT/CT System

A hybrid SPECT/CT system provides accurate coregistration of functional and morphological images. CT-guided region of interest (ROI) for semiquantifying striatal dopamine transporter (DAT) availability may be a feasible method. We therefore assessed the intra- and interobserver reproducibility of manual SPECT and CT-guided ROI methods and compared their semiquantitative data with...