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Renal chymase-dependent pathway for angiotensin II formation mediated acute kidney injury in a mouse model of aristolochic acid I-induced acute nephropathy

administration: Chih-Sheng Lin. Supervision: Chih-Sheng Lin, Chia-Chu Chang. Validation: Wen-Yeh Hsieh, Teng-Hsiang Chang. Visualization: Wen-Yeh Hsieh. Data curation: Hui-Fang Chang, Wan-Hsuan Chuang, Li-Che ... Lu, Chung-Wei Yang. Writing ? original draft: Wen-Yeh Hsieh, Teng-Hsiang Chang, Hui-Fang Chang, Wan Hsuan Chuang. Writing ? review & editing: Chih-Sheng Lin, Chia-Chu Chang. 12 / 15 13 / 15 14 / 15