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Research on soil moisture prediction model based on deep learning

for irrigation strategies and drought control using this model. Author Contributions Project administration: Wengang Zheng. Software: Yu Cai. Supervision: Wengang Zheng, Xin Zhang, Lili Zhangzhong ... , Xuzhang Xue. Writing ? original draft: Yu Cai. Writing ? review & editing: Wengang Zheng, Xin Zhang, Lili Zhangzhong. 18 / 19 1. Leng G , Leung LR , Huang M. Irrigation impacts on the water cycle and

Potential using of infrared thermal imaging to detect volatile compounds released from decayed grapes

Previous studies have demonstrated variations in volatile compound content during fruit spoilage. Infrared spectroscopy was proposed as an alternative method to discriminate the various states of decayed fruit through the makeup of their volatile compounds. Based on the infrared spectra of volatile compounds obtained from decayed grapes, this study simplified the extraction of...