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Different Anatomical Subsites of Colon Cancer and Mortality: A Population-Based Study

Background. In terms of incidence and pathogenesis, right-sided colon cancer (RCC) and left-sided colon cancer (LCC) exhibit several differences. However, whether existing differences could reflect the different survival outcomes remains unclear. Therefore, we aimed to ascertain the role of location in the prognosis. Methods. We identified colon cancer cases from the Surveillance...

Rising trends in pancreatic cancer incidence and mortality in 2000–2014

Rising trends in pancreatic cancer incidence and mortality in 2000-2014 Wenrui Wu,1,2,* Xingkang He,3,4,* Liya Yang,1,2 Qing Wang,1,2 Xiaoyuan Bian,1,2 Jianzhong Ye,1,2 Yating Li,1,2 Lanjuan Li1,2

Changes in coagulation functions and hemorheological parameters may predict hematoma formation after total knee arthroplasty

Background Hematoma formation around the knee is commonly seen after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and may cause patient discomfort and worry regarding the success of the surgery. This study aimed to evaluate the coagulation functions and hemorheological parameters in patients undergoing TKA and investigate their associations with hematoma formation. Methods This study...

Multidisciplinary design modeling and optimizationfor satellite with maneuver capability

According to the mission of a satellite with maneuver capability, the collaborative optimization (CO) method was introduced for the satellite system design, and the related multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) model was established. The possessing and needed velocity increments Δv and Δv n e e d were taken as the measurement of maneuvering capability of the studied...