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Chinese Ants Collected by Prof. C. W. Howard

Island, on which Canton College is situated. 4... Ectomomyrrnex astutus Sm. g--A single specimen from Leng-oo. 5. Leptogenys (Lobopelta) diminuta Sm. g--Five specimens from Leng-oo. - BY WILLIAM MORTON ... WHEELER. 13. Dolichoderus (Hypoclinea) taprobance Sin. vat. gracilipes Mayr. 9 3--Numerous specimens from Canton. 14. Dolichoderus (Hypoclinea) cffinis Emery var. nigricans Emery. --/qumerous specimens

The Primitive Number of Malpighian Vessels in Insects.—VI

BY WILLIAM MORTON WHEELER, PH.D., CHICAGO ILL. organs of the Tenthredinidae, a family which promises to throw considerable light on the ancestral peculiarities of the order. DIPTEaA. In these very

Concerning the “Blood-Tissue” of the Insecta.—III

International Journal of BY WILLIAM MORTON WHEELER WORCESTER MASS. RHYNCHOTA. As representative of the Phytophthires the just-born young of a wax-secreting Aphid, which infests the alder, were

A Specimen of the Jamaican Vermileo

2rom the Atkins Laboratory o Harvard University at Soledad, near Cienuegos, and has studied their structure, transformation and behavior. - A SPECIMEN OF THE JAMAICAN VERMILEO BY WILLIAM MORTON ... WHEELER The Jamaican Vermileo not infuscated posteriorly and the first segment, bears anterodorsally a deep black, transverse band. The halteres have yellow knobs as in the Cuban variety and the

Ants Collected in Georgia By Dr. J. C. Bradley and Mr. W. T. Davis

the cocoon is nearly the same for E. fuscojubatus, although I have as yet made no observations on this point. - ANTS COLLECTED IN GEORGIA BY DR. J. C. BRADLEY AND MR. W. T. DAVIS. BY WILLIAM MORTON ... WHEELER. The following list is compiled rom a large collection of ants made in differen.t parts of Georgia by Dr. J. C. Bradley and a smaller collection made by Mr. W. T. Davis in a more restricted area. I

New Ants From the Philippines

rich collections of Philippine ants receiv.ed from Dr. J. W. Chapman, Dr. F. X. Williams, Dr. R. C. McGregor and others. NEW ANTS FROM THE PHILIPPINES BY WILLIAM MORTON WHEELER Female. Length 7 mm

Burmese Ants Collected by Professor G. E. Gates

International Journal of BURMESE ANTS COLLECTED BY PROFESSOR G. E. GATES. BY WILLIAM MORTON WHEELER. In 1923 Professor Gordon E. Gtes of Judson College. Rngoon, Burma, sent me smll but interesting

Two Fungus-Growing Ants from Arizona

International Journal of By William Morton Wheeler. 0 The Fungus-Growing Ants of North America. Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist. XXIII , 1907, pp. 669-807, 5 pis. 31 text-figs. sfitudes Myrm 1 cologiques

Notes on the Habits of Some Central American Stingless Bees

International Journal of VOL. XX. 0 BY WILLIAM MORTON WHEELER. 0 0 Contributions from the Entomological Laboratory of the Bussey Institution, Harvard University. No. 61. Contribuzione alla

The Primitive Number of Malpighian Vessels in Insects.—II

International Journal of THE PRIMITIVE NUMBER OF MALPIGHIAN VESSELS IN INSECTS.m II. BY WILLIAM MORTON WHEELER PH.D. CHICAGO APTERYGOTA. In searching for the ancestral conditions of the Malpighian

An Australian Leptanilla

, santschii G. C. and E. W. Wheeler, in Java. During November, 1931, while I was with the Harvard ZoSlogical Expedition in Australia AN AUSTRALIAN LEPTANILLA BY WILLIAM MORTON WHEELER - lia. The collection

Some Notes on the Habits of Cerapachs Augustae

curling about them and using both mandibles and sting. The latter produced sudden paralysis. Then the ants eagerly lapped up the juices exuding from the cut ends of the termite fragments, BY WILLIAM MORTON ... WHEELER, NEW YORK N. Y. while remaining very quiet as if absorbed in the delight of feeding. The mandibles seemed to be too feeble to cut or puncture even so thin a chitinous investment as that of the