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Study of NiO-GDC material produced by aqueous tape casting

, 2017; Accepted: August 02, 2017 Autor Responsável: Wilson Acchar  This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License

Mechanical performance of alumina reinforced with NbC, TiC and WC

The incorporation of refractory hard particles in Al2O3-based composites may inhibit grain growth of the matrix, which could significantly contribute to mechanical performance of the composite. The present study aimed to investigate the potential use of NbC as alumina reinforcing material, as an alternative to other carbides such as TiC and WC. Alumina was mixed with a fixed...

Surface characterization of alumina reinforced with niobium carbide obtained by polymer precursor

Active filler controlled pyrolysis of polymers (AFCOP) is a recent method for obtaining near-net shaped ceramic bodies. Alumina based composites have been developed for use as cutting tools, so knowledge of the surface composition is extremely important because it is directly related to the hardness and wear resistance Samples containing a fixed concentration of 60 wt. (%) of...