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The influence of particle size distribution on parameters characterizing the spatial structure of porous beds

The article proposes functions linking the standard deviation of a particle distribution in a porous bed consisting of spherical particles with various parameters characterising the spatial structure of the bed. The porosity, the inner surface, the specific surface and the geometrical tortuosity were analysed. In the first stage, a set of virtual beds was created with the use of...

The Path Tracking Method as an alternative for tortuosity determination in granular beds

Tortuosity is one of the most elusive parameters of porous media. The fundamental question is whether it may be computed from the geometry only or the transport equations must be solved first. Elimination of the transport equations would significantly decrease the computation time and memory consumption and thus allow investigating larger samples. We compare the geometric to...

The use of Path Tracking Method for determining the tortuosity field in a porous bed

The article is related to a computational method of obtaining the geometric tortuosity in granular beds, i.e. polydisperse beds consisting of spherical or quasi-spherical particles, freely distributed in the 3D space. The main aim is to show a new way of calculating two-dimensional tortuosity distribution in the plane perpendicular to the chosen direction in the space...

Predicting Tortuosity for Airflow Through Porous Beds Consisting of Randomly Packed Spherical Particles

Wojciech Sobieski Qiang Zhang Chuanyun Liu This article presents a numerical method for determining tortuosity in porous beds consisting of randomly packed spherical particles. The calculation of