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Yearly fluctuations of flower landscape in a Mediterranean scrubland: Consequences for floral resource availability

, Helena Barril-Graells. Formal analysis: VÂõctor Flo. Methodology: Xavier Arnan. Supervision: Jordi Bosch, Xavier Arnan, Anselm Rodrigo. Writing ± original draft: VÂõctor Flo. Writing ± review ... & editing: Jordi Bosch, Xavier Arnan, Anselm Rodrigo. 11 / 14 12 / 14 36. 13 / 14 1. Kochmer JP , Handel SN . Constraints and competition in the evolution of flowering phenology . Ecol Monogr . 1986 ; 56

Uncoupling the Effects of Seed Predation and Seed Dispersal by Granivorous Ants on Plant Population Dynamics

Secondary seed dispersal is an important plant-animal interaction, which is central to understanding plant population and community dynamics. Very little information is still available on the effects of dispersal on plant demography and, particularly, for ant-seed dispersal interactions. As many other interactions, seed dispersal by animals involves costs (seed predation) and...

Determinants of Spatial Distribution in a Bee Community: Nesting Resources, Flower Resources, and Body Size

Understanding biodiversity distribution is a primary goal of community ecology. At a landscape scale, bee communities are affected by habitat composition, anthropogenic land use, and fragmentation. However, little information is available on local-scale spatial distribution of bee communities within habitats that are uniform at the landscape scale. We studied a bee community...