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Genome-wide piggyBac transposon mediated screening reveals genes related to reprogramming

Scientists of State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology 2015SKLAB6-15. Xi Zhang, Xinglin Wei, Yuanyuan Wu, Yuzhe Wang, Cheng Tan, Xiaoxiang Hu, Ning Li, Mario R. Capecchi and Sen Wu declare that they have no ... Li1, Mario R. Capecchi2, Sen Wu1& Xi Zhang, Xinglin Wei, and Yuanyuan Wu have contributed equally to this work. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article (doi:10.1007/s13238

The specific and rapid labeling of cell surface proteins with recombinant FKBP-fused fluorescent proteins

China (Grant Nos. 31130065, 31270910, 31370851, 31170818, and 31300612) and the CAS Project (KSCX2-EW-Q-11 and KSCX1-1W-J-3). Xi Zhang, Yongqiang Deng, Hao Chang, Chen Ji, Mingshu Zhang, Jianxin Peng