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Development of genic SSR markers from transcriptome sequencing of pear buds

development of new SSR markers. Compliance with ethics guidelines Xiao-yan YUE, Guo-qin LIU, Yu ZONG, Yuan-wen TENG, and Dan-ying CAI declare that they have no conflict of interest. This article does not

Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring Shows High Accuracy within 6 Hours after Sensor Calibration: A Prospective Study

Accurate and timely glucose monitoring is essential in intensive care units. Real-time continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) has been advocated for many years to improve glycemic management in critically ill patients. In order to determine the effect of calibration time on the accuracy of CGMS, real-time subcutaneous CGMS was used in 18 critically ill patients. CGMS sensor...

Cost-effectiveness analysis of neonatal hearing screening program in china: should universal screening be prioritized?

Background Neonatal hearing screening (NHS) has been routinely offered as a vital component of early childhood care in developed countries, whereas such a screening program is still at the pilot or preliminary stage as regards its nationwide implementation in developing countries. To provide significant evidence for health policy making in China, this study aims to determine the...