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Modeling of Hydration, Strength Development, and Optimum Combinations of Cement-Slag-Limestone Ternary Concrete

Xiao-Yong Wang Yao Luan Slag can increase late age strength of concrete, but impairs the concrete early-age strength due to low reactivity. Limestone powder can increase early-age strength, but impairs

Kinetic Hydration Heat Modeling for High-Performance Concrete Containing Limestone Powder

, Chuncheon-si 200701, Republic of Korea Correspondence should be addressed to Xiao-Yong Wang; Received 15 June 2017; Accepted 1 August 2017; Published 5 September 2017 Academic Editor ... : Doo-Yeol Yoo Copyright © 2017 Xiao-Yong Wang. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction

Hydration and Durability of Concrete Containing Supplementary Cementitious Materials

, reviewers, and editors of this journal. The publication of this special issue embodies the efforts of those authors, reviewers, and editors. Xiao-Yong Wang Han-Seung Lee Xiao-Jian Gao Yao Luan Journal of

Prediction of Time-Dependent Chloride Diffusion Coefficients for Slag-Blended Concrete

addressed to Xiao-Yong Wang; Received 25 August 2016; Accepted 10 November 2016; Published 1 January 2017 Academic Editor: Kazunori Fujikake Copyright © 2017 Ki-Bong Park et al. This

Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of 1 : 1 Main Parametric Resonance of Stayed Cable Considering Cable-Beam Coupling

For the 1 : 1 main parametric resonances problems of cable-bridge coupling vibration, a main parametric resonances model considering cable-beam coupling is developed and dimensionless parametric resonances differential equations are derived. The main parametric resonances characteristics are discussed by means of multiscale approximation solution methods. Using an actual cable of...

Simulation of Chloride Diffusion in Cracked Concrete with Different Crack Patterns

University, Chuncheon-Si 200-701, Republic of Korea Received 25 December 2015; Accepted 2 March 2016 Academic Editor: Yuyin Wang Copyright © 2016 Xiao-Yong Wang and Li-Na Zhang. This is an open access

Prediction of Chloride Penetration into Hardening Concrete

Korea Received 30 April 2015; Revised 29 June 2015; Accepted 1 July 2015 Academic Editor: Antônio G. B. de Lima Copyright © 2015 Wei-Jie Fan and Xiao-Yong Wang. This is an open access article

Experimental Investigation and Theoretical Modeling of Nanosilica Activity in Concrete

This paper presents experimental investigations and theoretical modeling of the hydration reaction of nanosilica blended concrete with different water-to-binder ratios and different nanosilica replacement ratios. The developments of chemically bound water contents, calcium hydroxide contents, and compressive strength of Portland cement control specimens and nanosilica blended...

17β-Estradiol promotes cell proliferation in rat osteoarthritis model chondrocytes via PI3K/Akt pathway

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common cause of musculoskeletal pain and disability. The importance of chondrocytes in the pathogenesis of OA is unequivocal. 17β-estradiol (E2) has a potential protective effect against OA. However, the mechanism of E2 in OA chondrocytes remains unclear. In this study, we investigated the regulative effect of E2 on cell growth and the relationship...