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Risk assessment of deoxynivalenol in high-risk area of China by human biomonitoring using an improved high throughput UPLC-MS/MS method

A risk assessment of deoxynivalenol (DON) was recently conducted for the residents in Henan province, China, where wheat as the staple food are highly consumed. A high-throughput sensitive UPLC-MS/MS method following 96-well ╬╝Elution solid-phase extraction (SPE) were developed and validated for the determination of DON biomarkers in human urine. Isotope labelled internal standard...

Molecular Characterization and Viral Origin of the 2015 Dengue Outbreak in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

Luo Zhiqiang Ma Xiaodan Wang Yue Pan Junying Chen Juemin Xi JiajiaYang Lijuan Qiu Chunhai Bai Liming Jiang Xiyun Shan Qiangming Sun OPEN A total of 1067 serum samples were collected from febrile