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Incidence Rates and Deaths of Tuberculosis in HIV-Negative Patients in the United States and Germany as Analyzed by New Predictive Model for Infection

Incidence and mortality due to tuberculosis (TB) have been decreasing worldwide. Given that TB is a cosmopolitan disease, proper surveillance and evaluation are critical for controlling dissemination. Herein, mathematical modeling was performed in order to: 1) demonstrate a correlation between the incidence of TB in HIV-free patients in the US and Germany, and their corresponding...

Development of porcine rotavirus vp6 protein based ELISA for differentiation of this virus and other viruses

Background The context and purpose of the study included 1) bacterial expression of viral protein 6 (VP6) of porcine rotavirus (PRV) and generation of rabbit polyclonal antiserum to the VP6 protein; 3) establishment of a discrimination ELISA to distinguish PRV from a panel of other porcine viruses. Results The VP6 gene of PRV isolate DN30209 amplified by reverse transcription-PCR...