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Effect of Modifying Prosthetic Socket Base Materials by Adding Nanodiamonds

The curing process of prosthetic socket base materials requires attention owing to a series of associated problems that are yet to be addressed and solved. However, to date, few relevant studies have been reported. In this paper, nanodiamonds modified with a silane coupling agent were dispersed into a prosthetic socket base material, and the performance of the modified base...

Assessment of validity of a high-yield surface electromyogram decomposition

Background Using recordings from a five-pin surface sensor array, a template-based surface electromyogram (sEMG) decomposition system has been developed to identify single motor unit discharge properties. However, the reliability of such template based decomposition results has not been thoroughly examined except by the developers. The focus of this study was to assess the...

Neuromotor Noise, Error Tolerance and Velocity-Dependent Costs in Skilled Performance

In motor tasks with redundancy neuromotor noise can lead to variations in execution while achieving relative invariance in the result. The present study examined whether humans find solutions that are tolerant to intrinsic noise. Using a throwing task in a virtual set-up where an infinite set of angle and velocity combinations at ball release yield throwing accuracy, our...