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Chronic interfacing with the autonomic nervous system using carbon nanotube (CNT) yarn electrodes

The ability to reliably and safely communicate chronically with small diameter (100–300 µm) autonomic nerves could have a significant impact in fundamental biomedical research and clinical applications. However, this ability has remained elusive with existing neural interface technologies. Here we show a new chronic nerve interface using highly flexible materials with axon-like...

Effects of different three-dimensional electrodes on epiretinal electrical stimulation by modeling analysis

Background Epiretinal prostheses have been greatly successful in helping restore the vision of patients blinded by retinal degenerative diseases. The design of stimulating electrodes plays a crucial role in the performance of epiretinal prostheses. The objective of this study was to investigate, through computational modeling analysis, the effects on the excitation of retinal...

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a photosensitive polyimide thin-film microelectrode array suitable for epiretinal stimulation

Background Epiretinal implants based on microelectro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology with a polyimide (PI) material are being proposed for application. Many kinds of non-photosensitive PIs have good biocompatibility and stability as typical MEMS materials for implantable electrodes. However, the effects of MEMS microfabrication, sterilization and implantation using a...