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Temperature evolution and grain defect formation during single crystal solidification of a blade cluster

In order to investigate the asymmetry of thermal conditions during directional solidification, the temperature evolution and correspondingly developed undercooling in a simplified single crystal blade cluster were numerically simulated. Simulation results demonstrate that the temperature distribution at the blade platforms is obviously asymmetrical. On the outside of the blade...

The Baker's Yeast Diploid Genome Is Remarkably Stable in Vegetative Growth and Meiosis

Accurate estimates of mutation rates provide critical information to analyze genome evolution and organism fitness. We used whole-genome DNA sequencing, pulse-field gel electrophoresis, and comparative genome hybridization to determine mutation rates in diploid vegetative and meiotic mutation accumulation lines of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The vegetative lines underwent only...

Molecular footprints of domestication and improvement in soybean revealed by whole genome re-sequencing

Background Artificial selection played an important role in the origin of modern Glycine max cultivars from the wild soybean Glycine soja. To elucidate the consequences of artificial selection accompanying the domestication and modern improvement of soybean, 25 new and 30 published whole-genome re-sequencing accessions, which represent wild, domesticated landrace, and Chinese...