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Identification of transthyretin as a novel interacting partner for the δ subunit of GABAA receptors

Contributions Conceptualization: Li Zhou, Gong Chen. Data curation: Li Zhou, Xin Tang, Xinyi Li, Yuting Bai. Formal analysis: Li Zhou, Xin Tang, Xinyi Li. Funding acquisition: Gong Chen. Investigation: Li ... Zhou, Xinyi Li, Yuting Bai, Gong Chen. Methodology: Li Zhou, Xin Tang, Yuting Bai. Project administration: Li Zhou, Gong Chen. Resources: Li Zhou, Xinyi Li, Joel N. Buxbaum, Gong Chen. Software: Li

Prevalence of visual impairment and outcomes of cataract surgery in Chaonan, South China

, Chongren Zheng. Formal analysis: Xiujuan Zhang. Funding acquisition: Dennis Shun-Chiu Lam. Investigation: Xiujuan Zhang. Methodology: Emmy Y. Li, Christopher Kai-Shun Leung, David C. Musch, Xin Tang ... Shun-Chiu Lam. Validation: Emmy Y. Li, Christopher Kai-Shun Leung, David C. Musch, Xin Tang, Mingguang He, David F. Chang, Dennis Shun-Chiu Lam. Writing ± original draft: Xiujuan Zhang. Writing

A Novel Cell Traction Force Microscopy to Study Multi-Cellular System

Traction forces exerted by adherent cells on their microenvironment can mediate many critical cellular functions. Accurate quantification of these forces is essential for mechanistic understanding of mechanotransduction. However, most existing methods of quantifying cellular forces are limited to single cells in isolation, whereas most physiological processes are inherently multi...

Attenuation of Cell Mechanosensitivity in Colon Cancer Cells during In Vitro Metastasis

Human colon carcinoma (HCT-8) cells show a stable transition from low to high metastatic state when cultured on appropriately soft substrates (21 kPa). Initially epithelial (E) in nature, the HCT-8 cells become rounded (R) after seven days of culture on soft substrate. R cells show a number of metastatic hallmarks [1]. Here, we use gradient stiffness substrates, a bio-MEMS force...