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Time-Dependent Deformations of Eccentrically Loaded Reinforced Concrete Columns

If reinforced concrete columns and walls in high-rise buildings are subjected to axial load for a sustained duration, long-term lateral deformation (or curvature) as well as axial shortening increase over time due to the creep and shrinkage of concrete. In the present study, sustained load tests were performed to evaluate the time-dependent axial shortening and lateral...

Interactions with the MC4R rs17782313 variant, mental stress and energy intake and the risk of obesity in Genome Epidemiology Study

Xin Zhang 0 Hyun Seok Jin 1 Hye Ja Lee 4 Yong Hyun Lee 3 0 Department of Food and Nutrition, Obesity/Diabetes Research Center, Hoseo University , 165 Sechul-Ri, BaeBang-Yup, Asan-Si, Chung Nam-Do 336