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De novo transcriptome profiling uncovers a drastic downregulation of photosynthesis upon nitrogen deprivation in the nonmodel green alga Botryosphaerella sudeticus

Background Neutral lipid storage is enhanced by nitrogen deprivation (ND) in numbers of green microalgal species. However, little is known about the metabolic pathways whose transcription levels are most significantly altered following ND in green microalgae, especially the nonmodel species. Results To start gaining knowledge on this, we performed transcriptome profiling of the...

Selective Frequency Invariant Uniform Circular Broadband Beamformer

Frequency-Invariant (FI) beamforming is a well known array signal processing technique used in many applications. In this paper, an algorithm that attempts to optimize the frequency invariant beampattern solely for the mainlobe, and relax the FI requirement on the sidelobe is proposed. This sacrifice on performance in the undesired region is traded off for better performance in...