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Research on soil moisture prediction model based on deep learning

for irrigation strategies and drought control using this model. Author Contributions Project administration: Wengang Zheng. Software: Yu Cai. Supervision: Wengang Zheng, Xin Zhang, Lili Zhangzhong ... , Xuzhang Xue. Writing ? original draft: Yu Cai. Writing ? review & editing: Wengang Zheng, Xin Zhang, Lili Zhangzhong. 18 / 19 1. Leng G , Leung LR , Huang M. Irrigation impacts on the water cycle and

Na+/H+ exchanger (NHE) in Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei): Molecular cloning, transcriptional response to acidity stress, and physiological roles in pH homeostasis

Conceptualization: Chunhua Ren. Data curation: Hongmei Li, Ting Chen. Formal analysis: Hongmei Li, Ting Chen. Funding acquisition: Xiao Jiang, Wen Huang, Ting Chen, Chaoqun Hu. Investigation: Yao Ruan, Xin Zhang ... . Methodology: Ting Chen. Project administration: Chunhua Ren, Xiao Jiang, Chaoqun Hu. Resources: Xiao Jiang, Chuhang Cheng, Xin Zhang, Wen Huang. Supervision: Chaoqun Hu. Writing ? original draft: Hongmei Li

Optimization of robustness of interdependent network controllability by redundant design

useful suggestion in the experiments design. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Zenghu Zhang, Yongfeng Yin. Data curation: Zenghu Zhang, Yongfeng Yin, Xin Zhang, Lijun Liu. Formal analysis: Zenghu ... Zhang, Xin Zhang, Lijun Liu. Funding acquisition: Zenghu Zhang, Yongfeng Yin. Investigation: Zenghu Zhang, Yongfeng Yin, Lijun Liu. Methodology: Zenghu Zhang, Yongfeng Yin. Project administration

Evaluating the versatility of EEG models generated from motor imagery tasks: An exploratory investigation on upper-limb elbow-centered motor imagery tasks

goal-oriented motor imagery tasks. 16 / 20 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Carlo Menon. Data curation: Xin Zhang. Formal analysis: Xin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Carlo Menon. Investigation ... : Xin Zhang. Methodology: Xin Zhang. Project administration: Xin Zhang, Carlo Menon. Resources: Xin Zhang. Software: Xin Zhang. Supervision: Carlo Menon. Validation: Xin Zhang. Visualization: Xin

Brain response to luminance-based and motion-based stimulation using inter-modulation frequencies

would like to thank the subjects for participating in these experiments and the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xin Zhang, Guanghua Xu. Data ... curation: Xin Zhang. Formal analysis: Xin Zhang, Xun Zhang. Funding acquisition: Guanghua Xu. 16 / 18 Investigation: Xin Zhang, Jun Xie. Methodology: Xin Zhang, Jun Xie. Project administration: Guanghua

Effect of NaCl-stressed Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton on the feeding behaviors and nutritional parameters of Helicoverpa armigera

Luo. Formal analysis: Jun-Yu Luo, Shuai Zhang, Jin-Jie Cui. Funding acquisition: Shuai Zhang. Investigation: Jun-Yu Luo, Xiang-Zhen Zhu, Ji-Chao Ji, Kai-Xin Zhang, Chun-Yi Wang, Li Juan Zhang, Li

MicroRNA-10b expression in breast cancer and its clinical association

study possible and Dr. Sun's group for technical support, comments and suggestions. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jianhui Zhang, Jing Yang, Xin Zhang, Jia Xu, Yiyi Sun, Purong Zhang. Data ... curation: Jianhui Zhang, Jing Yang, Xin Zhang, Jia Xu, Purong Zhang. Formal analysis: Jianhui Zhang, Jing Yang, Xin Zhang, Jia Xu, Purong Zhang. 9 / 11 Funding acquisition: Yiyi Sun. Investigation: Jianhui

Long-term in vitro culture and preliminary establishment of chicken primordial germ cell lines

Contributions Conceptualization: Linglin Kong, Lingling Qiu, Guobin Chang. Data curation: Linglin Kong, Xin Zhang, Bowen Chen. Funding acquisition: Yang Zhang, Guobin Chang. Methodology: Linglin Kong ... , Lingling Qiu, Qixin Guo, Ying Chen, Xin Zhang, Bowen Chen. Project administration: Linglin Kong, Lingling Qiu, Qixin Guo, Yang Zhang, Guobin Chang. Resources: Yang Zhang, Guobin Chang. Visualization

Users’ participation and social influence during information spreading on Twitter

data. The solid envelope line follows power law distribution, y = axb, where a = 2308.4 ± 2.6 and b = 5.79 ± 0.012. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xin Zhang, Ding-Ding Han. Data curation: Xin ... Zhang. Formal analysis: Xin Zhang, Ziqiao Zhang. Investigation: Xin Zhang. Methodology: Xin Zhang. Resources: Xin Zhang. Software: Xin Zhang. Validation: Xin Zhang. Visualization: Xin Zhang

How the ovules get enclosed in magnoliaceous carpels

Angiosperms distinguish themselves from gymnosperms by their ovules that are enclosed before pollination. However, how the ovules get enclosed in angiosperms remains a mystery, especially for Magnoliaceae. The only key to this mystery is finding a series of carpels transitional from fully closed with enclosed ovules to open with naked ovules. We use routine paraffin section...

Dynamic behaviors of a modified SIR model in epidemic diseases using nonlinear incidence and recovery rates

The transmission of infectious diseases has been studied by mathematical methods since 1760s, among which SIR model shows its advantage in its epidemiological description of spread mechanisms. Here we established a modified SIR model with nonlinear incidence and recovery rates, to understand the influence by any government intervention and hospitalization condition variation in...

Quantitative thyroglobulin response to radioactive iodine treatment in predicting radioactive iodine-refractory thyroid cancer with pulmonary metastasis

: Chen Wang, Yansong Lin. Data curation: Chen Wang, Xin Zhang. Formal analysis: Chen Wang, Xin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Yansong Lin. Methodology: Xin Zhang, Hui Li, Xin Li. Project administration ... : Hui Li, Xin Li. Resources: Chen Wang, Xin Li. Software: Hui Li, Xin Li. Supervision: Xin Li. Validation: Xin Zhang, Hui Li. Visualization: Chen Wang, Hui Li. Writing ± original draft: Chen Wang

The genetic evolution of canine parvovirus – A new perspective

To trace the evolution process of CPV-2, all of the VP2 gene sequences of CPV-2 and FPV (from 1978 to 2015) from GenBank were analyzed in this study. Then, several new ideas regarding CPV-2 evolution were presented. First, the VP2 amino acid 555 and 375 positions of CPV-2 were first ruled out as a universal mutation site in CPV-2a and amino acid 101 position of FPV feature I or T...

Sulfur dioxide alleviates programmed cell death in barley aleurone by acting as an antioxidant

layers and H2S and NO may mediate SO2's role in alleviating PCD. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Sha-Sha Wang, Ying-Xin Zhang, Jun Tang, Kang-Di Hu, Hua Zhang. Data curation: Sha-Sha Wang, Ying ... -Xin Zhang, Kang-Di Hu. Formal analysis: Sha-Sha Wang, Ying-Xin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Jun Tang, Kang-Di Hu, Hua Zhang. Investigation: Sha-Sha Wang, Ying-Xin Zhang, Feng Yang, Jun Tang

The Effects of Feedback on Memory Strategies of Younger and Older Adults

Existing literature suggests that feedback could effectively reduce false memories in younger adults. However, it is unclear whether memory performance in older adults also might be affected by feedback. The current study tested the hypothesis that older adults can use immediate feedback to adjust their memory strategy, similar to younger adults, but after feedback is removed...

Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Comprehensive Insights into the Early Immune Response of Large Yellow Croaker (Larimichthys crocea) Induced by Trivalent Bacterial Vaccine

Vaccination is an effective and safe strategy for combating bacterial diseases in fish, but the mechanisms underlying the early immune response after vaccination remain to be elucidated. In the present study, we used RNA-seq technology to perform transcriptome analysis of spleens from large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea) induced by inactivated trivalent bacterial vaccine...

MicroRNA expression analysis of feline and canine parvovirus infection in vivo (felis)

Conceptualization: Shoujun Li. Data curation: Pei Zhou. Formal analysis: Pei Zhou. Investigation: Pei Zhou. Methodology: Pei Zhou, Xin Zhang, Weijie Zeng, Qingxu Zheng, Xiangqi Hao, Xi Lin, Yun Zheng, Lifang

Analyzing the Long Term Cohesive Effect of Sector Specific Driving Forces

Financial markets are partially composed of sectors dominated by external driving forces, such as commodity prices, infrastructure and other indices. We characterize the statistical properties of such sectors and present a novel model for the coupling of the stock prices and their dominating driving forces, inspired by mean reverting stochastic processes. Using the model we were...

Coaxial Microincision Cataract Surgery versus Standard Coaxial Small-Incision Cataract Surgery: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Background We conducted this meta-analysis to compare the outcomes of coaxial microincision cataract surgery (C-MICS) and standard coaxial small incision cataract surgery (C-SICS). Methods The outcomes of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) reporting C-MICS and C-SICS were collected from PubMed, Web of Science, and The Cochrane Library in May 2015. The final meta-analysis was...