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The lithic assemblages of Donggutuo, Nihewan basin: Knapping skills of Early Pleistocene hominins in North China

Deng, Ri-Xiang Zhu. Project administration: Shi-Xia Yang, Michael D. Petraglia, Ya-Mei Hou, Ri-Xiang Zhu. Resources: Ya-Mei Hou. Writing ± original draft: Shi-Xia Yang, Michael D. Petraglia. Writing

The Lithic Assemblages of Xiaochangliang, Nihewan Basin: Implications for Early Pleistocene Hominin Behaviour in North China

Xiaochangliang (XCL), located in the Nihewan Basin of North China, is a key archaeological locality for understanding the behavioural evolution of early humans. XCL dates to ca. 1.36 Ma, making it one of the earliest sites in Northeast Asia. Although XCL represents the first excavation of an Early Pleistocene site in the Nihewan Basin, identified and excavated in the 1970’s, the...