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Three-dimensional MoS2/Graphene Aerogel as Binder-free Electrode for Li-ion Battery

Hybrid MoS2/reduced graphene aerogels with rich micro-pore are fabricated through a hydrothermal method, followed by freeze-drying and annealing treatment. The porous structure could act as an electrode directly, free of binder and conductive agent, which promotes an improved electron transfer, and provides a 3D network for an enhanced ion transport, thus leading to an increased...

Suppression of Breast Cancer Cell Migration by Small Interfering RNA Delivered by Polyethylenimine-Functionalized Graphene Oxide

The carbon-based nanomaterial graphene can be chemically modified to associate with various molecules such as chemicals and biomolecules and developed as novel carriers for drug and gene delivery. In this study, a nonviral gene transfection reagent was produced by functionalizing graphene oxide (GO) with a polycationic polymer, polyethylenimine (PEI), to increase the...

Characteristics of functionalized nano-hydroxyapatite and internalization by human epithelial cell

Hydroxyapatite is the main inorganic component of biological bone and tooth enamel, and synthetic hydroxyapatite has been widely used as biomaterials. In this study, a facile method has been developed for the fabrication of arginine-functionalized and europium-doped hydroxyapatite nanoparticles (Arg-Eu-HAP). The synthesized nanoparticles characterized by transmission electron...