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Architecture mode, sedimentary evolution and controlling factors of deepwater turbidity channels: A case study of the M Oilfield in West Africa

Turbidity channels have been considered as one of the important types of deepwater reservoir, and the study of their architecture plays a key role in efficient development of an oil field. To better understand the reservoir architecture of the lower Congo Basin M oilfield, semi-quantitative–quantitative study on turbidity channel depositional architecture patterns in the middle...

Sequencing of complete mitochondrial genomes confirms synonymization of Hyalomma asiaticum asiaticum and kozlovi, and advances phylogenetic hypotheses for the Ixodidae

-Qiang Liu, Zhuang-Zhi Zhang. Investigation: Zhi-Qiang Liu, Shi-Jun Chen, Hui-Ling Guo, Li Zhao. Methodology: Zhi-Qiang Liu, Yan-Feng Liu, Nuer Kuermanali. Project administration: Zhi-Qiang Liu, Shi-Jun ... Chen, Chuang-Fu Chen. Resources: Zhi-Qiang Liu, Nuer Kuermanali, Chen-Feng Shen. Software: Yan-Feng Liu, Jie Wang. Supervision: Zhuang-Zhi Zhang, Chuang-Fu Chen. Validation: Zhi-Qiang Liu, Jun-Wei

Tissue lipid metabolism and hepatic metabolomic profiling in response to supplementation of fermented cottonseed meal in the diets of broiler chickens

., Ltd., Shanghai, China) for providing helps in metabolomics data analysis. Compliance with ethics guidelines Cun-xi NIE, Wen-ju ZHANG, Yong-qiang WANG, Yan-feng LIU, Wen-xia GE, and Jian-cheng LIU

Mth10b, a Unique Member of the Sac10b Family, Does Not Bind Nucleic Acid

The Sac10b protein family is regarded as a group of nucleic acid-binding proteins that are highly conserved and widely distributed within archaea. All reported members of this family are basic proteins that exist as homodimers in solution and bind to DNA and/or RNA without apparent sequence specificity in vitro. Here, we reported a unique member of the family, Mth10b from...

Molecular Mechanism Underlying the Interaction of Typical Sac10b Family Proteins with DNA

The Sac10b protein family is regarded as a family of DNA-binding proteins that is highly conserved and widely distributed within the archaea. Sac10b family members are typically small basic dimeric proteins that bind to DNA with cooperativity and no sequence specificity and are capable of constraining DNA negative supercoils, protecting DNA from Dnase I digestion, and do not...