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Bi-frontal pneumocephalus is an independent risk factor for early postoperative agitation in adult patients admitted to intensive care unit after elective craniotomy for brain tumor: A prospective cohort study

Conceptualization: Hua-Wei Huang, Li-Mei Yan, Guo-Bin Zhang, Jian-Xin Zhou. Data curation: Xuan He, Xiu-Mei Sun, Yu-Mei Wang. Formal analysis: Yan-Lin Yang, Guo-Bin Zhang. Funding acquisition: Jian-Xin Zhou ... . Investigation: Hua-Wei Huang, Li-Mei Yan. Methodology: Yan-Lin Yang, Guo-Bin Zhang, Jian-Xin Zhou. Supervision: Jian-Xin Zhou. Writing ? original draft: Hua-Wei Huang, Li-Mei Yan. Writing ? review & editing

Early Growth Response 1 (Egr1) Is a Transcriptional Activator of NOX4 in Oxidative Stress of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Background. NADPH oxidase 4 (NOX4) plays a major role in renal oxidative stress of diabetic kidney disease (DKD). NOX4 was significantly increased in Egr1-expressing fibroblasts, but the relationship between Egr1 and NOX4 in DKD is unclear. Methods. For the evaluation of the potential relationship between Egr1 and NOX4, both were detected in HFD/STZ-induced mice and HK-2 cells...

Use of esophageal balloon pressure-volume curve analysis to determine esophageal wall elastance and calibrate raw esophageal pressure: a bench experiment and clinical study

Accurate measurement of esophageal pressure (Pes) depends on proper filling of the balloon. Esophageal wall elastance (Ees) may also influence the measurement. We examined the estimation of balloon-surrounding elastance in a bench model and investigated a simplified calibrating procedure of Pes in a balloon with relatively small volume. The Cooper balloon catheter (geometric...