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Infrared LSS-Target Detection Via Adaptive TCAIE-LGM Smoothing and Pixel-Based Background Subtraction

Infrared small target detection is a significant and challenging topic for daily security. This paper proposes a novel model to detect LSS-target (low altitude, slow speed, and small target) under the complicated background. Firstly, the fundamental constituents of an infrared image including the complexity and entropy are calculated, which are invoked as adaptive control...

Fiber-optic surface plasmon resonance sensor with multi-alternating metal layers for biological measurement

Optical fiber based SPR sensors have attracted more and more attention due to their unique advantages over the prism-based SPR sensors. A novel fiber-optic SPR sensor with multi-alternating metal layers for biochemical analysis is presented in this paper. Based on the fundamental SPR theory of the fiber optic sensing technology, we theoretically investigated the effects of the...