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Two-photon imaging of neuronal activity in motor cortex of marmosets during upper-limb movement tasks

University of Tokyo, Tokyo, 113-0033, JapanTeppei Ebina, Yoshito Masamizu, Yasuhiro R. Tanaka, Yuka Hirayama, Shin-Ichiro Terada & Masanori MatsuzakiDivision of Brain Circuits, National Institute for Basic ... Biology, Aichi, 444-8585, JapanTeppei Ebina, Yoshito Masamizu, Yasuhiro R. Tanaka, Reiko Hirakawa, Riichiro Hira, Shin-Ichiro Terada & Masanori MatsuzakiSchool of Life Science, SOKENDAI (The Graduate

A Morphological Analysis of Thalamocortical Axon Fibers of Rat Posterior Thalamic Nuclei: A Single Neuron Tracing Study with Viral Vectors

The rostral sector of the posterior thalamic nuclei (POm) is, together with the ventral posterior nuclei (VP), involved in somatosensory information processing in rodents. The POm receives inputs from the spinal cord and trigeminal nuclei and projects to the primary somatosensory (S1) cortex and other cortical areas. Although thalamocortical axons of single VP neurons are well...