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Potential impact of ocean circulation on the declining Japanese eel catches

, Fujisawa, Kanagawa, 252-0880, JapanMichael J. Miller & Katsumi Tsukamoto AuthorsSearch for Yu-Lin K. Chang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Yasumasa Miyazawa in:Nature

The dynamical impact of mesoscale eddies on migration of Japanese eel larvae

In this study, we explore the dynamical role of mesoscale eddies on fish larvae migration using the example of Subtropical Counter Current eddies and the migration of Japanese eel larvae in the western North Pacific Ocean. An idealized experiment is conducted to isolate the effects of eddies, and use a three-dimensional particle-tracking method to simulate virtual eel larvae (v...

Simulating the Oceanic Migration of Silver Japanese Eels

The oceanic migration of silver Japanese eels starts from their continental growth habitats in East Asia and ends at the spawning area near the West Mariana Ridge seamount chain. However, the actual migration routes remain unknown. In this study, we examined the possible oceanic migration routes and strategies of silver Japanese eels using a particle tracking method in which...

Assimilation of high-resolution sea surface temperature data into an operational nowcast/forecast system around Japan using a multi-scale three-dimensional variational scheme

A multi-scale three-dimensional variational (MS-3DVAR) scheme is developed to assimilate high-resolution Himawari-8 sea surface temperature (SST) data for the first time into an operational ocean nowcast/forecast system targeting the North Western Pacific, JCOPE2. MS-3DVAR improves representation of the Kuroshio path south of Japan, its associated sea level variations, and...

Multi-model ensemble estimation of volume transport through the straits of the East/Japan Sea

The volume transports measured at the Korea/Tsushima, Tsugaru, and Soya/La Perouse Straits remain quantitatively inconsistent. However, data assimilation models at least provide a self-consistent budget despite subtle differences among the models. This study examined the seasonal variation of the volume transport using the multiple linear regression and ridge regression of multi...

Impacts of Interannual Ocean Circulation Variability on Japanese Eel Larval Migration in the Western North Pacific Ocean

managed) by author Dr. Yasumasa Miyazawa. Funding: YLC is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan under grant 1022611-M-003-003-MY3, and the research abroad grant (104-2918-I-003-001

Short-term fluctuations south of Japan and their relationship with the Kuroshio path: 8- to 36-day fluctuations

Toru Miyama Yasumasa Miyazawa To detect short-term fluctuations south of Japan, we applied wavelet analysis to ocean reanalysis data of the Japan Coastal Ocean Predictability Experiment 2 with a

Structure and dynamics of the sudden acceleration of Kuroshio off Cape Shionomisaki

Toru Miyama Yasumasa Miyazawa Responsible Editor: Leo Oey A sudden acceleration of the Kuroshio jet appears off Cape Shionomisaki in the high-resolution (horizontal resolution of 1/36) JCOPE 2

Deep water observations of extreme waves with moored and free GPS buoys

Point-positioning GPS-based wave measurements were conducted by deep ocean (over 5,000 m) surface buoys moored in the North West Pacific Ocean in 2009, 2012, and 2013. The observed surface elevation bears statistical characteristics of Gaussian, spectrally narrow ocean waves. The tail of the averaged spectrum follows the frequency to the power of −4 slope, and the significant...