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Application of transthoracic echocardiography in patients receiving intermediate- or high-risk noncardiac surgery

information S1 Dataset. Pre-operative echocardiography study raw data. (XLSX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Yen-Wen Liu. Data curation: Hsien-Yuan Chang, Wei-Ting Chang. Formal analysis: Hsien ... -Yuan Chang. Investigation: Hsien-Yuan Chang. Methodology: Hsien-Yuan Chang, Yen-Wen Liu. Supervision: Wei-Ting Chang, Yen-Wen Liu. Validation: Yen-Wen Liu. Writing ? original draft: Hsien-Yuan Chang

The association between right ventricular free wall strain and exercise capacity for health check-up subjects

Background Right ventricular (RV) function has been found to be a major factor of exercise capacity in patients with heart failure. However, the role of RV function in exercise capacity in healthy subjects has not been well studied. This study aims to validate the role of RV strain derived from speckle tracking echocardiography for exercise capacity for health check-up subjects...

Elevated Serum Interleukin-18 Level Is Associated with All-Cause Mortality in Stable Hemodialysis Patients Independently of Cardiac Dysfunction

Background High circulating interleukin (IL)-18 level predicts a higher hospitalization rate among dialysis patients, possibly through cardiovascular mechanisms; however, whether higher IL-18 level is associated with mortality in dialysis patients is less clear. In addition, its impacts on left ventricular (LV) function are also unknown. We conducted a cohort study to examine the...