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Interference alignment and power allocation for the MIMO X channels with multiple layers of relays

In this paper, we study a system consisting of a single source, a single destination, and multiple layers of parallel relays. The system is considered as a combination of broadcast channels, multiple input multiple output (MIMO) X channels, and multiple-access channels. Interference alignment (IA) is used throughout the whole system, and perfect channel state information (CSI) is...

A Riccati-Bernoulli sub-ODE method for nonlinear partial differential equations and its application

The Riccati-Bernoulli sub-ODE method is firstly proposed to construct exact traveling wave solutions, solitary wave solutions, and peaked wave solutions for nonlinear partial differential equations. A B├Ącklund transformation of the Riccati-Bernoulli equation is given. By using a traveling wave transformation and the Riccati-Bernoulli equation, nonlinear partial differential...

Exact solutions and multi-symplectic structure of the generalized KdV-type equation

The homogeneous balance of undetermined coefficients method is proposed to obtain not only exact solutions but also multi-symplectic structure of some nonlinear partial differential equations. Bilinear equation, N-soliton solutions, traveling wave solutions and multi-symplectic structure are obtained by applying the proposed method to the KdV equation. Accordingly, the definition...