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The acceptability judgment of Chinese pseudo-modifiers with and without a sentential context

) Acknowledgments We thank Yanzhi Li and Yingxiu Ye from Zhejiang University for the help during the experiment. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Tao Gong, Yicheng Wu. Formal analysis: Lan Shuai ... . Investigation: Tao Gong, Yicheng Wu. Methodology: Tao Gong, Lan Shuai. Resources: Lan Shuai. Supervision: Yicheng Wu. Writing ? original draft: Tao Gong, Yicheng Wu. Writing ? review & editing: Tao Gong, Lan

Who Is Who? Interpretation of Multiple Occurrences of the Chinese Reflexive: Evidence from Real-Time Sentence Processing

Theoretical linguists claim that the notorious reflexive ziji ‘self’ in Mandarin Chinese, if occurring more than once in a single sentence, can take distinct antecedents. This study tackles possibly the most interesting puzzle in the linguistic literature, investigating how two occurrences of ziji in a single sentence are interpreted and whether or not there are mixed readings, i...

Isolation, Identification and Characterization of an Electrogenic Microalgae Strain

Extracellular electron transfer involving microbes is important as it closely reflects the ability of cells to communicate with the environment. However, there are few reports on electron transfer mechanisms of pure microalgae and a lack of any model alga to study the transfer processes. In the present study, nine green microalgae species were isolated from wastewater and...