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Peripheral sympathetic mechanisms in orofacial pain

Peripheral sympathetic mechanisms in orofacial pain Wenguo Fan,1,2 Xiao Zhu,3 Yifan He,1 Hongmei Li,4 Wenzhen Gu,1 Fang Huang,1 Hongwen He1 1Institute of Stomatological Research, Sun Yat-sen

Preliminary characterizations of a serum biomarker for sarcoidosis by comparative proteomic approach with tandem-mass spectrometry in ethnic Han Chinese patients

Background The diagnosis of sarcoidosis is still a significant challenge in China because of the need to exclude other diseases including granulomatous infections and malignancies that may be clinically and radiographically similar. The specific aim of the study is to search for serum protein biomarkers of sarcoidosis and to validate their clinical usefulness in differential...