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Measles Contributes to Rheumatoid Arthritis: Evidence from Pathway and Network Analyses of Genome-Wide Association Studies

Liangcai Zhang Mingzhi Liao Yingbo Miao Zugen Chen Rong Zeng Keshen Li Yi-Hsiang Hsu, Harvard Medical School, United States of America Growing evidence from epidemiological studies indicates the

The Implications of Relationships between Human Diseases and Metabolic Subpathways

One of the challenging problems in the etiology of diseases is to explore the relationships between initiation and progression of diseases and abnormalities in local regions of metabolic pathways. To gain insight into such relationships, we applied the “k-clique” subpathway identification method to all disease-related gene sets. For each disease, the disease risk regions of...

SubpathwayMiner: a software package for flexible identification of pathways

With the development of high-throughput experimental techniques such as microarray, mass spectrometry and large-scale mutagenesis, there is an increasing need to automatically annotate gene sets and identify the involved pathways. Although many pathway analysis tools are developed, new tools are still needed to meet the requirements for flexible or advanced analysis purpose. Here...